Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Graze Boxes during February

Who knew that a weekly healthy snack box can arrive in your mailbox for $5.00 a week.  Apparently I am addicted to healthy, nutritious and new food product box subscriptions. I am really excited to try Graze snacks because not only do they package them in single serving size but also include nutritional information. When you sign up, you will select the foods you will eat, want to try and no way do not send that.
If you would like to try Graze snacks, you will need the invitation code: 3C6QDJ2D in order to sign up.

Check out the 3 boxes I have received so far :)

Yin & Yang
Herby Bread Basket
Summer Berry Flapjacks
Mississippi BBQ Pistachios

Toffee Apple
Bonnie Wee Oatcakes
Rock the Casbah
Jaffa Cake

El Picante
My Thai
Summer Pudding
Honeycomb Crunch

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