Thursday, July 12, 2012

American Flag Cake

I was inspired by With Sprinkles on Top Blog to make an American Flag cake with 13 stripes.

I really wanted to try making this cake to display  the skills I learned in the Wilton cake decorating classes. I wish I would have checked the weather outside prior to planning to make these. It was 103 degrees outside and here I am trying to cool my house with 2 ac window units. At least the 4 cakes made my house smell sweet :)

I baked 3 red 8 inch cakes and 1 blue 8 inch cake. However, I only needed 2 of the red cakes. I also made 3 batches of butter cream frosting to use as filling and to frost the cake.
I separated the red cakes into 3 layers each. I used a circle cookie cutter to cut out 3 smaller circles out of 2 of the red layers of cake. I used the same circle cookie cutter to cut our the middle of the blue layer of cake. At this point I just started stacking and frosting to build my flag cake.

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